Working Together

“Hiring Kathleen to design your landscape project will be the best decision you can make for your property!”
John B.  Carmel

My number one goal is to design a garden that will delight you every time you come home; one that you will enjoy from both outside and inside your home. Your lifestyle, budget, needs and desires, as well as your home's architectural style, and the aesthetic opportunities and challenges of the property will all inform the design of your new landscape.

Through the course of the design process, we will work closely together, reviewing various ideas and concepts.  I will present you with rough sketches and then move on to more formal drawings as you decide which elements you prefer, leading to the final landscape design plans.

During my facilitation of the project installation, all elements will be organized and managed to our specifications, including:  stonework, carpentry, electrical, plumbing, irrigation, and of course soil preparation, planting and detailed finishes.

My regular on-site visits and over-sight will allow you to enjoy the installation process without the hassle of dealing with the myriad of details involved. It also insures that our design vision is successfully achieved.